Thursday, February 5, 2015

complicatingly simple

I am a simple girl, well... ok... I'm a very complex simple girl... and its all the complicated things that makes me simple. I don't play games, I don't say I don't want something if I do, I don't say I'm fine- when I'm not and I know what I want ONLY by knowing what I don't want! If someone has done something which affects the way I think, act or feel- good or bad... I usually let that person know it. Even if it's something I should have kept to myself. I tend to go for what I want and when I got it, realize that I want more than just that. So i go for another something and when i get that i still need more. Out of life, out of love and out of everything. 

I don't do this because I am trying to be perfect and I don't do this because I think nothing is ever good enough, I do this because... there's so much more to see, do, think, feel... and I want to see it all, be a part of it all, know what it feels like, tastes like, smells like. I want to keep reaching for new things and higher goals and just keep going. Why stop when you get there...?

That to me would be like going to disneyland and just standing outside the gates saying... I made it here. EFF THAT! I need to go inside, I need to go on the rides, check out the shops, watch a movie, I need to see the fireworks... I can't just spend my life saying I want to go to Disneyland and just stand outside looking at it- just happy that I made it here.. when I finally get there! and since Disneyland is in Anaheim California and within driving limits of LA and Hollywood and Tijuana Mexico... why stop there?

to me, thats what I am, who I am and even though, its simple... to me... it makes me a complicated woman to others. So while I make plans to go to Disneyland-  know thats not the only thing I'm going to do... i'm not going to just GO i am going to EXPERIENCE it! 

And that seems simple enough, go for what you want, and when ya get it don't stop... keep going!

~*~ Victoria  ~*~

 copied and pasted from my original blog www[dot]dustdancerproductions[dot]blogspot[dot]com on Feb 14, 2011 that I no longer have access to. 

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